Celebrating Women’s Month in Style

The arrival of Women’s Month ushers in a time of appreciation, celebration, and reflection. At Quoin Rock, we are led by an ambitious, passionate, and revolutionary woman – Yuliya Gaiduk. Her architectural prowess is seen across her exquisite revival of Quoin Rock, namely her renovation of the farm’s Venue boasting a symphony of materials that simultaneously blend in and stand out from the sublime Simonsberg surroundings.

A strong theme and point of inspiration for Yuliya’s architectural designs is symbolism. In her thoughtful renaissance of the Venue Hall, each element kept – like the exposed brick – and each element renewed – such as the awesome glass doors – is imbued with careful consideration of meaning. The end result is a space of harmony and soul.

The Gaiduk family saturates all aspects of the farm with thoughtful philosophies, with an emphasis on reciprocity and circularity, achieving not only a place of beauty and luxury, but an inspirational experience for its guests. In keeping with this belief, Quoin Rock welcomes visitors to enjoy this special month by gifting each of its guests, whose month this celebrates, a petite bottle of our award-winning Black Series MCC to take home with them. This special runs between the 5th to the 9th of August so be sure to book a wine tasting soon!