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The story of Quoin Rock vineyard in Stellenbosch

A South African vineyard inspired by the art, intellect and passion of the current custodians translate into all that we have created at Quoin Rock.


Owner of Quoin Rock, Vitaly Gaiduk, is a keen connoisseur of the arts. Whether it be visual, literature, performing or culinary arts, art forms an integral part of his life. 

Different art types are on display or can be absorbed at our Stellenbosch winery and vineyards.


Our awe-inspiring architecture


Poetry plays an important role


The love for the drama of the Opera


The winemaking at the core of our Stellenbosch vineyard


With each of his passions, Vitaly immerses himself into the subject by educating himself about the topic to the point of becoming an expert. At the Quoin Rock winery, we address our projects with the same approach. For example, investing in proper soil analysis in order to prepare it perfectly before planting and knowing exactly which types of grapes to plant in our Stellenbosch vineyards  to ensure the best possible yield.


“Strong and barely controllable emotion.”

Our custodian’s passions for the arts (including the art of winemaking) extends to our wine philosophy: that craftsmanship within the vineyard and the winemaker’s innovation in the cellar leads to wines that embody the uniqueness of our terroir.   

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The Inspiration image 2
The Inspiration image 1
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The style of our wines

Our wines offer a myriad of well-balanced, complex flavours that generate even more harmonies over time.

Stellenbosch vineyards are more suited to red varieties – Merlot, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Our Elim vineyards are suited to grape varieties that have higher cold requirements, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay

Let us offer you a “taste of the terroir ” with our range of Quoin Rock and Namysto wines.



Meet the Craftsmen

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Nico Walters – Viticulturist 

Our viticulturist keeps watch on the development of the vineyards, the weather and the soil—nature’s terroir that sets down the building blocks of a great wine. 

Nico has been with us since 2012. Having been involved in the winemaking industry for many years, he has accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge. Nico has worked on the Simonsberg terroir for the past 30 years.

Schalk Opperman – Winemaker 

It is our winemaker Schalk Opperman who, with a combination of natural alchemy and years of experience, creates superior, well-balanced wines with complex flavours.


Schalk joined Quoin Rock in August 2020. He studied at Stellenbosch University. Schalk is especially passionate about red varieties, specifically Bordeaux. With our Stellenbosch vineyards and Elim vineyards as his playground, Schalk makes wines that are an expression of the terroir.

The inspiration of our Stellenbosch winery

Our viticulturist and winemaker are passionately involved in maintaining the natural balance in our vineyards and winery. 

There is a power within the succulent grape

That made thee, stronger than all human power.

It baffles death in its exulting hour,

And leaves its victim fortune to escape.

Thy cheering drops can magically drape

Atrocious thoughts of doom with bloom and flower,

Turning to laughing calm care’s torment sour,

And flooding dreams with many a gentle shape.

— Francis Saltus Saltus