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Unique Quoin Rock picnics re-launch in October

With its extraordinary cuisine, much has been said about this Knorhoek Valley estate’s Gåte restaurant.

As such, Gåte’s outdoor Picnic Experience marries together a gourmet meal of the highest standard with private settings located away from the restaurant area. These custom-made picnic pergola’s feature comfortable seating spaced more than 10 meters apart for privacy. Only 8 Pergola’s are available, making this casual fresh air picnic option an excellent choice during the cautionary period of COVID-19.

What also makes Quoin Rock’s Picnic Experience different from other picnic alternatives, where you are simply handed a basket and left to your own devices, at Quoin Rock, a waiter services your table with fresh ice, more wine and even a portion of oysters or Espresso after your lunch. This unique touch sees clients receive a walkie talkie on arrival, enabling them to communicate with their waiter to tend to their needs and service the table with additionalGåte treats.

Every little detail at Quoin Rock is characterised by high-end luxury, and this translates to picnics, where glassware and crockery have been sourced to fit the location and offering -hence no plastic forks or plates. Picnickers can relax in the garden after lunch, either on a picnic blanket or fat sac or alternatively enjoy the various lawn games provided, making this a truly leisurely excursion.

Picnic Menu

Basket Includes: Freshly Baked French Baguette, Roast tomato butter, Duck Liver Pâté, Smoked Snoek Pâté, Coriander & Almond Pesto, Dalewood Camembert, Dalewood Huguenot, Jewels Walter Ham, Jewels Squashed Italian Salami, Smoked & confit salmon, mustard mayonnaise & salsa verde, Quoin Rock Garden Salad Quinoa, beetroot & Feta Salad, Gemsbok Loin, homemade mustard & garnished with pea shoots,  Passion Fruit curd, almond crumb & macerated blueberries

Unlimited Still and Sparkling Water

Children`s basket Includes: Rootstock crisps, Ham & cheese Baguette or Cheese Baguette, Chocolate milkshake, Handmade cookie, Seasonal berries and Sun dried fruit

Vegetarian version of the menu is availabel, with prior notice.

Picnics are priced at R400 per person, and R180 per children’s basket.