where straight lines meet curved edges.

Michael Oliver Love is a bold engraving upon the local and international art scene, shooting for the likes of Burberry, founding his own magazine, ‘Pansy’, and painting a series of exquisite pieces that compose his first solo exhibition, ‘I prefer my edges curved’, presented by The Next Assemblage. Now, this collection is making its way to Quoin Rock to be discovered in intimate showings from 18th September onwards until October’s end. 

Love’s astounding creativity knows no bounds, stretching across several mediums. He intuits his curved shapes and their slight retro aesthetic in warm, earthy tones like terracotta.  Quoin Rock Wine Estate’s architecture is posited as an artwork unto itself making the collision of these two creative oeuvres the point where straight lines meet curved edges. 

Linger awhile and explore the full exhibition with a glass of Quoin Rock wine in hand, book your tasting here.