Fold | Unfold Exhibition.

The earliest known representation of the sleeping female is the “Sleeping Lady” from Hypogeum in Hal Saflieni in Malta, a terra-cotta statuette 12cm. in length. It is interpreted as a type of “incubation”, as preserved from prehistoric times in Greek and Roman shrines:

Priests or priestesses would sleep in some isolated or sacred place, generally a cave or a grotto, and afterwards make predictions based on their dreams. People also slept at shrines or ancestral tombs to be healed of sickness.

These rituals were created as an attempt to help communities engage with their understanding of day to day life, for healing and forecasting events.

The transition from awake to dream states are ritualistic, unfolding to reveal what may be lost in the gap between perception and reality, and folding again to conceal. Repeating it over and over again.

My work explores the unfolding process of drawing as an attempt to see and understand. Drawing becomes an act of opening up towards the unknown as well as a caring appreciation thereof. It is between the projections we make and the memories we have that we try to be more clear of what we see and what we think we see.

In drawing these bodies, drawing is thus simultaneously a representation of reality, reality itself, memory, anticipation, subject and object.

A solo exhibition by Nicoliene Esterhuizen
: 2 December 2021 | TIME: 18:00
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