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Quoin Rock Winery  |  The Story

Quoin Rock Winery | The Story

The winery in Stellenbosch produces premium quality wines and visitors are hosted in a new state-of-the-art tasting lounge

The name «Quoin Rock» found its inspiration from the Agulhas area, the most southern tip of Africa, where Quoin Point is the second most southerly point and where Quoin Rock Wines’ conservation farm, Boskloof is located. Ships rounding the cape on their way back from or to markets in the east, from the mid-1400s to these modern times, would stop over at the cape of good hope — today's Table Bay Harbour, Cape Town, to replenish their boats with fresh produce. Farms like Quoin Rock would rush produce to the harbour and from the late 1660’s wines from South Africa started forming part of the goods delivered to the port. Now, just over 350 years later, South African wines are still exported from Table Bay harbour. While wine production is the main activity at Quoin Rock in Stellenbosch, the Agulhas farm, Boskloof focuses on conservation. Bontebok, springbok, eland and zebra have been reintroduced to this area.

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Our viticulturist and winemaker are passionately involved in maintaining the unique terroir of our vineyards nestled on the slopes of the Simonsberg Mountain. This poem is testimony of the love and passion with which we transform our grapes into great award-winning wines.

There is a power within the succulent grape
That made thee, stronger than all human power.
It baffles death in its exulting hour,
And leaves its victim fortune to escape.

Thy cheering drops can magically drape
Atrocious thoughts of doom with bloom and flower,
Turning to laughing calm care’s torment sour,
And flooding dreams with many a gentle shape.

— Francis Saltus Saltus
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The Style

The pleasure derived from tasting Quoin Rock is difficult to describe. It offers a myriad of well-balanced, complex flavours that generate even more harmonies over time.

We adhere to the premise that the greatest wines are those that most truly reflect their soil, climate and circumstance which is commonly known to as terroir, and that it is the winemakers role to simply stand back and let the natural beauty of the grapes show through.

We not only make great wine, we grow it. We proud to present our powerful Shiraz, Bordeux-style Red Blend, captivating Chardonnay, matured MCC and Vine Dried Sauvignon Blanc.