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The Story

This label celebrates the beaded necklaces (namysto), one of the oldest forms of women’s ornaments in the Ukraine.

In certain African cultures, such necklaces are worn to this day, not only as adornments but signifying a deep symbolic significance.

Colours, materials and number of rows signified a woman’s social status and many women would feel naked leaving the house without wearing their “namysto”. In modern culture, these necklaces are again being worn by women across the globe, but merely for decorative purposes and no longer for any social status reasons. We've chosen this range to signify the coming together of different cultures, and to remind us how our differences ignite creativity and excitement.


Sauvignon Blanc, 2017

Reductively made to preserve the aromatic fruit profile, a combination of wine fermented in both stainless steel tanks and oak barrels, having undergone regular “lees stirring” and then matured in barrel for another 6 months, this wine expresses tropical fruit aromas of lychee and fig leaf, leading through to a palate with refreshing melon and lemon characters.

Accolades | IWC Gold - 95

Shiraz | Cabernet Sauvignon, 2015

Regular “punch-downs” of perfectly-grown grapes in open-top stainless-steel tanks, with extended skin maceration, before the wine is transferred to French oak barrels and 20 months’ maturation, result in a wine with aromas of red berries and hints of peppercorn “spiciness” which then leads through to a palate layered with profiles of tobacco and leather, plummy richness onjavascript:; the mid-palate and finishing off with soft, velvety tannins.

Accolades | IWC-85 | Platter 4 Stars

Design Overview

Design Overview image 1


As designers of the Namysto brand we were asked to illustrate the winery owners’ love for the Ukraine, their birth country, and South Africa, their adoptive country. The design also had to symbolise a combination of their Ukrainian culture and of the wine of their new country, entwined with a sense of celebration, prosperity, and harmony.


The symbol we chose is that of a necklace. In the Ukraine a “namysto” is seen as an amulet that has magical power iving the holder prosperity and beauty. In South Africa beaded necklaces have been worn for centuries and are cultural rnaments. These necklaces have many meanings and one could identify the culture of the bearer just by looking at the beads and design of the necklace.


For “Namysto” the visual elements of the necklace had to be traditional and timeless. The piece had to be classic, showing off the colours of the beads that represent both red and white grapes as well as the different wines in the Namysto range.

To bring to getherth edeeply-rooted South African and Ukrainian tradition of wearing beaded necklaces with the modern customer, we used sophisticated engraving techniques to deliver crisp trendy designs. Each element of the design has its own pattern and shape, symbolizing the richness, colour, and different flavours of the wine.

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The Birth of The Brand, Namysto

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The Birth of The Brand, Namysto image 2
The Birth of The Brand, Namysto image 3
The Birth of The Brand, Namysto image 4
The Birth of The Brand, Namysto image 5
The Birth of The Brand, Namysto brand image 1
The Birth of The Brand, Namysto brand image 2


Ideas, branding, label concept, and project management:

Bush Design agency


Yaroslav Shkiryak

Label development and packaging design:

Sumi Creative Co